Finally in the flesh? [Closed RP with Preoscillation.]

The excitement which was flowing through him was almost abnormal. His fingers twitching, palms sweating and throat raw, the blond had to refrain from practically jumping up and down on the spot. With skittish steps he takes his place on the plane. If his heart wasn’t acting up before then it certainly was now, and he had to silently tell himself that everything was going to be okay and not to over react because in result he could have a heart attack, leading everyone to panicking on the plane and then it may possibly even crash, and he certainly didn’t want have guilt on his mind that he killed over 30 people an-

Woah, calm down now, Roxas, no need to act up. He was just fidgety, was all. The blond wasn’t use to sitting in a compacted space for a few hours – especially when he was crowded by strangers. But he was going to suck this up and get over it. Why?

Because he was meeting him.

Yeah, you heard that right. He was meeting Vanitas and the excitement that bundled in his stomach kept fluttering at the thought. Bare in mind he wasn’t usually one to show his emotions so this was a pretty big deal! Been over a year now, maybe even two? All he had seen of the raven haired male were his looks and voice over skype, and he certainly needed more than that.

So here he was, kicking back in his seat and refusing to look out of the window as the plane heated up. Only a few hours… he could bare that.